Experience, professionalism and expertise in the construction field,
this is Wood Dreams.

Building following a millenary equilibrium.
that between man and nature.

Green building and eco-sustainability are the essential points of our work,
the beating heart of our history and our commitment.

Artisan tradition with a global vision

"Our Made in Italy beauty is a crucial resource to strengthen the results achieved in the past.
Our products today combine an artisan tradition with a global vision”,

Umbertofortunato Frigo, Wood Dreams CEO

Passion and style

Passion and experience

Wood crafting and designing is somewhat of a dying art these days. It wasn't always that way.

In years gone by, the Master craftsman wasn't as much of a rarity as he is today.

People may not have had the money to buy all the things that we have today, but when they did buy something they wanted quality that would last for a long time.

This is where the experience and passion for woodwork passed thru generations in Frigo family comes into play.

Natural warmth

When you walk through your home and look at the items that have meaning to you, what do you see? You probably have a favourite piece of furniture that was passed down from your parents or grandparents. It has deep emotional meaning.

You enjoy both the beauty of the object as well as its practical use. You can feel the warm connection to different moments in time -- every piece of wood has its story.

Do you feel this way about that cement architecture? Do you feel any emotional attachment to the plastic items? Or do you feel greater attachment, to the more natural products in our homes, such as wood?