The Wood Dreams wooden houses are designed and manufactured in close cooperation with the customer.

A client with serious intentions of building a wooden construction, proprietary of land and with the financial capability to support the work, comes to us with architectural drawings or with preliminary ideas.

Our professionals are able to join the project at every stage, planning, together with the environment in which it will fit in.

A home that is able to fully satisfy the customer, and a house of which Wood Dreams artisans can be proud.

The Wood Dreams process of work begins with the study of the needs of those living in that building, to the climates and landscapes, gradually coming to the realization of architectural drawings of the house.

Our engineers, in close collaboration with the customer, develop different solutions and customizations according to customer expectations.

After the approval of architectural drawings from the customer begins the production phase of the building.

Meanwhile the doors, windows, stairs and other important components that are required in the production process of a house, are prepared in order to ensure the customer the final delivery in a defined time.

Wood Dreams mounts the building directly on the construction site, the material comes already pre cut to size and numbered, with a plastic package protecting it also from all weather conditions; our goal is to reduce the time of construction at the installation site so that the house remains exposed to the possible damaging elements as little as possible.

Wood Dreams wooden houses works with professionals, who bring a medium sized house from ground to the roof in about 7 days.